A Better Water

Sportwater has more than 5X the electrolytes of most other bottled waters. Let’s get specific. Sportwater has 330 mgs compared to the 50mgs found in most waters. More electrolytes help you to crush it during your workout but also recover faster for the next one. And yes, Sportwater tastes great.

Your Body's A Temple, Not A Chemical Plant.

Sport drinks are filled with sugar, sodium, calories, artificial coloring, and they look like they might glow in the dark. It seems strange to us that somebody would want to put that stuff in their healthy bodies. We believe in clean energy. Sportwater is a Performance H20 that provides a body in motion with nothing but upside.


Want It More, Need It More

We all have different workout goals. We want to run further, faster, be stronger, more flexible, and add another plate to that barbell. Or maybe just fit into that tuxedo for the wedding. But what’s the common belief that drives us to reach our goals? We want it more. And when we want it more, we need more than just another bottle of water.

pH +8

A Balancing Act

We measure our body’s acidity and alkalinity using pH. When our body is perfectly balanced our pH is 7.4 We call this neutral. But because of the food we eat, there can be more acidity in our bodies than we want. This causes our pH to fall below that neutral 7.4. Sportwater has a higher pH helping you to achieve an ideal pH balance. Because when your body is balanced, it runs like a finely tuned machine.

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