The 330 Difference

If you want more from a workout, you need more than just another water. Our proprietary blend of 330 mg of magnesium, potassium, and calcium helps to put more oxygen into your muscles faster. More oxygen helps your muscles to work harder for a longer period of time. When you want more out of your workouts, you need more from a water.

Performance H2O

Waters, Waters, Waters. The shelves are full of bottled waters that all claim the exact same things; great taste, perfect pH, and purified. Sportwater is more than just another one of those waters. It is a Performance H2O that has been specifically designed to help a fitness athlete perform better and recover faster.

No Sugar.
No Sodium.

Inspired By Athletes, Not Clouds

We know what it feels like when you’re working out and your body goes from aerobic to anaerobic. Your legs get heavy. Muscles begin to ache. You might even have a fleeting thought of giving up. And at that precise moment we know that you need more than just another bottled water endorsed by a celebrity. You need a water that will make a difference. You need a Performance H2O with 330 Mgs of electrolytes to help you stay fresh as you break through that wall. You need Sportwater.


Show Up and Push It

When you’re dehydrated, your brain is the first thing to start to slow down. And when you hit a physical challenge, your brain’s instinct is to protect you and tell you to stop. But you don’t have to stop because you have the physical ability to go so much further. 330 Mgs of electrolytes hydrates you faster so your brain is yelling at your muscles to keep going… stronger, harder, faster.

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