Better your Best

The modern lifestyle is not conducive to rest. We work and play harder than ever before. But sufficient rest and recovery is how we come back stronger the next day, both physically and mentally.

You can take all the important steps inside the gym to improve your fitness, but it’s the pillars outside the gym that fuel your fitness gains. Hydrating with more electrolytes throughout the day is how you better your best tomorrow.

Nothing But Upside

Sports hydration drinks have electrolytes. Some of these electrolytes are calcium, magnesium, potassium, and sodium. All of these minerals play a role in helping your body recover. But don’t even get us started on all the sugar, artificial flavoring and coloring in that stuff. And the sodium? We don’t add sodium in our Performance H2O because we already get too much of it in our daily diets. We prefer a nice clean, great tasting water with more electrolytes that helps you rock that workout.


Have Another Drink

Water is essential to your health and wellness. We know this isn’t news to you. But did you know that more water with more electrolytes flushes out toxins faster, improves your memory, helps your skin complexion, increases your energy, and relieves fatigue? The list goes on and on. 330Mgs of electrolytes will help you feel like your best, faster.

Oh, and a little secret for you. If your body is feeling beat-up from the night before, chug a bottle of Sportwater and you’ll begin to feel like your normal self so you can jump into your next workout.

More Than Summer

Our bodies scream for water when we are hot and sweaty. However, we don’t often associate cold-weather with dehydration. One reason is because your sweat evaporates more rapidly in the cold air. We’re tricked into thinking we aren’t losing fluids as rapidly as in the summer.

The fact is that we need a high amount of electrolytes in our water for that winter morning run, or playing in the snow, and especially when sitting in your warm house or office with forced hot air blowing on you.

Exploring the Rest